Understand you only when I can hear you

PerEar – Professional mobile App to improve hearing for those with hearing loss

Hearing solution just for you

Individualized sound amplification to meet your hearing needs without compromising for sound quality.

Accurate hearing loss evaluation

Enabled by our innovative self-testing accurate hearing evaluation is never easier.

Smart environmental noise reduction

Automatically detect and effectively suppress the noise types that are most annoying to listeners.

Your hearing is always our concern

Comfortable output sound level protects the hearing that is already fragile.

Next generation hearing assistant solution

No need to pay for expensive hearing aids anymore. Smartphones can help you hear better at all times. Large screen with intuitive control provides the super user experience.


Reliable hearing evaluation methods and advanced hearing loss compensation solutions

Professional quality of hearing threshold measurements in a wide frequency range, coupled with cutting-edge sound amplification algorithms, to achieve the best-in-class hearing loss compensation solution on smart mobile phones.

"I use PerEar on my iPhone everywhere. Adjustments and settings are intuitive and super easy. No more visit to audiologist’s office for testing and adjustments. Super convenient!"

Pic Qixian - Hearing aid user for 10 years

Detect and reduce annoying environmental noise. Flexible settings to meet all your needs.

Our multi-layer noise reduction engine self-adjusts based on the characteristics of the acoustic surroundings to enhance speech understanding and improve listening comfort even in most challenging environments.

Professional technology and algorithm to benefit everyone

Reduce multiple noise types


TRADITIONAL hearing aids
> $5000

Endless battery changes

Many visits to audiologist‘s office

Change a new one about every two years


Self hearing test and adjustment

No hidden fees

Free upgrade to the latest release

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Over 1000 users

  • PerEar represents the future of accessible hearing solutions. Say "bye-bye" to traditional hearing aids.

    Anna Thompson
    PerEar Customer

Better hearing + Future


Over 1000 people using our products

Endless possibilities

Help everyone

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No hidden fees